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FUSE is an inclusive organization dedicated to educational outreach, development of new works, opportunities for career-oriented artists, exemplary training programs and a commitment to producing high quality theatrical productions in the Greater New Haven area.

Our Mission: To ignite a passion for theatre arts in youth and adults in Connecticut.

FUSE is proud to announce our next project:

We are now scheduling auditions for Sunday, October 4th, 2020.  All roles are open!
Check out our MCT (Midsummer Creative Team) Video Closeup Series!  
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Lara Morton, Director

Noah Golden, Technical & Media Director


Lydia Arachne, Composer

Briana Dawson FUSE Choreographer .png

Briana Dawson, Choreographer

April Chateauneuf,

Scenic Designer/Artist

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Jake Egan O'Hara, Costume Designer


Would you consider becoming an arts hero today by supporting our brand new non-profit company's efforts to produce a safe and highly education experience for the cast of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'? 

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