FUSE Theatre of CT is proud to present a fully

re-imagined digital musical adventure: Shakespeare's

'A Midsummer Night's Dream:

The Rewired Musical'

with original score by Lydia Arachne of Semaphora!

Midsummer Rewired Extended Poster.jpeg

FUSE Theatre of CT is taking “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” into the 21st century — Summer 2020, to be exact. A global pandemic has rocked the land and altered the way humans interact and manage relationships. Suddenly, we are all dependent upon our devices to maintain connections with the outside world.


Like the Netflix series “Social Distance” or the 2018 thriller “Searching,” this unique musical take on the Shakespearian classic takes place entirely from the point of view of computers, tablets and phones. The Mechanicals Community Theater — a ragtag group of essential workers whose love of theater outweighs their talents — rehearses their upcoming live-streamed play on Zoom while Duke Theseus plans a virtual wedding with his fiancé Hippolyta.


Social distancing has also been hard on the four young lovers at the heart of “Midsummer.” Teenage Hermia is embroiled in a love triangle between Twitch streamer Demetrius and studious Lysander, while lovelorn Helena takes to YouTube and Instagram to post songs and stories of her unrequited love.


When Hermia and Lysander disobey their family and meet up at his Aunt’s cabin estate nicknamed The Wood, chaos, confusion, love and betrayal all come to a head. Making matters worse are the fairies - a band of digital beings who live inside our devices and control our digital life. From wifi crashes to catfishing, hacking to love spells, the parallel world of cyber-fairies can and do wreak havoc on humans at will.


Join us as we follow the trail of these fairies as they play with their victims and the real-world teenagers whose dream of love temporarily becomes a nightmare.

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