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A photo of actors Demarie Lopez, Emma Bender, Abigail Page and Dyllan Seigmund as Wendy and the lost boys in a scene from Fuse Theatre of CT's "Lost Girl"

"Lost Girl" is a gorgeous new work by the award-winning, up-and-coming American playwright Kimberly Belflower, based on the continued story of Wendy Darling from J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan." Years after returning from her adventure in Neverland, Wendy remains fixated on her beloved Peter and the childhood magic she left behind. Can Wendy face finally leaving her nursery and learn what it really means to grow up? "Lost Girl" is a lyrical exploration of finding love, overcoming trauma and entering adulthood. BroadwayWorld says it "draws the audience in through this story we've heard a dozen times before, then winds up bringing the high-flying fantasy back to solid ground. It's refreshing, bold, and brave to take such iconic characters into a new and very real place, teeming with the big, wild emotions of adolescence."

A logo that reads "Lost Girl by Kimberly Belflower." There is a silhouette of Peter Pan in the 'o' of the title.
A poster for "Lost Girl," tyoe set in front of a starry night sky.


Riley Arenberg as Mother/Nina

Emma Bender as Curley/Doctor

Emma Blanchette as B/Callie

Andrew James Bleidner as Peter/Slightly

Gwen Gersick-Seward as A/Cora

Demarie Lopez as Nibs/Detective

Serena McFarland as C/Krista

Abigail Paige as Wendy

Dyllan Seigmund as Toodles/Therapist

Justin Wargo as Boy


Directed by Lara Morton

Produced by Noah Golden & Elizabeth Santaus

Assistant Directed by Keona Gomes

Underscoring by Lydia Arachne

Stage Managed by CJ Burdo

Movement by Sue Dresser

Costumes by Lara Morton & Nightwing Whitehead

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