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A replica of the set for "Lion King, Jr."

The Lion King, Jr

In March of 2020, Fuse Theatre of CT was about to launch its first production - "The Lion King, Jr." With an energetic, well-rehearsed cast ready to take the stage in just a few days, the show was canceled due to COVID-19. To keep the show's spirit alive, director Lara Morton created a pre-recorded version using rehearsal footage and new elements filmed on Zoom and iPhones for the cast's friends and family. That scrappy drive to create something out of necessity and out of your comfort zone has become a key theme for Fuse.

The poster for "Lion King, Jr"


Tabitha Montanez as Rafiki

Gianni Sommo as Mufasa

Bianca Tynes as Sarabi

Dyllan Seigmund as Zazu

Kenneth Pelphrey as Scar

Jordan Lewis & Ryan Bellamy as Young Simba

Mollie Germain & Sage Cobb as Young Nala

Gabriella Coffin as Sarafina

Maddox Wesh as Banzai

Isabelle Meachen as Shenzi

Brician Belizaire as Ed

Jayden Davis as Timon

Denise Wray as Pumba

Khalil Antoine as Simba

Sylvia Sonenstein as Nala

Maya Coffin as Ballerina Bird


Jackson Berry, Khloe Lawson-Stewart, Malaina Montanez,

Micah Thomas, Emily Bassett, Kassiani Nicolakis,

Joshua LaFogg, Lachlan Sheehan-Samuel, Gabriella Belizaire,

Kendall Blair, Gabriella Coffin,

Maya Coffin, Kyleigh Gala


Directed by Lara Morton

Executive Produced by Susan Larkin

Music & Lyrics by Elton John & Tim Rice

Additional Music & Lyrics by 

Lebo M, Mark Mancina,

Jay Rifkin & Hans Zimmer

Book by Roger Allers & Irene Mecchi

Based on the Broadway production directed by Julie Taymor

Musical Direction by Lydia Arachne

Choreography by Briana Dawson

Fight Choreography by Chris Pytlak

Scenic Design by April Chateauneuf

Costume Design by Patricia Burkhart O'Neill & Jake Egan O'Hara

Stage Manager: Briana Dawson

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