Songs For A New World

Our 2022 season concludes with Jason Robert Brown’s song-cycle “Songs For A New World. The first show from Tony-winning composer Jason Robert Brown, “Songs” is a beloved evening of songs that introduce the audience to a wide variety of characters — from a political prisoner to a scorned socialite, a promising basketball star and the worried mother of a missing soldier — each facing a scary and exhilarating crossroads in their life. Featuring a “small, powerhouse adult cast and a driving, exquisitely crafted score,” “Songs” is the perfect way to end Fuse’s first in-person season. A new world, indeed. 

A poster that reads "Fuse Theatre of CT presents 'Songs For A New World.' Music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown. November 18-20 at Bregamos Theater, 491 Blatchley Ave, New Haven." There is also a large graphic of a suitcase with many faded stickers on it for different countries and places, like Long Island, Paris and The North Pole.



Man 1 (range D3-C5), Man 2 (range F4-Ab4)

Woman 1 (range G3-F5), Woman 2 (F3-F5).


All ethnicities, type, or physical abilities are welcome.

The creative team has the right to expand the cast at their discretion.

Fuse will accept video submissions from August 1 through August 22.


Please include a video of you singing a song of your choice (musical theater or pop, ballad or up-tempo, 16-bar or full song – just pick something that shows off your range and personality). If you have any questions or need to schedule an in-person audition, please email us at




Directed by Noah Golden

Music & Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown

Produced by Elizabeth Santaus & Lara Morton

Musical Direction by Lydia Arachne